We as a company want to provide added value for society


With this clear stance, Hammer AG positions itself to a sustainability strategy that takes into account economic, ecological and social aspects.

As a company family with more than 70 years of history, we are concerned about the responsible use of resources and thus to safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders and, in particular, of future generations.

Those who build the city of tomorrow bear responsibility for society.

Shaping a future worth living in and healthy living spaces represents a task for society as a whole in our time and means a concrete need for action for the construction and real estate sector and its market participants.

We at Hammer AG accept this challenge with the claim to develop buildings and quarters of high quality in a holistic way.

In new developments, we take into account the aspects of sustainability over the entire life cycle of a property - starting with planning, construction, operation and ending with deconstruction. In this way, we ensure the economic viability and marketability of our projects for the benefit of all our stakeholders. For us, this means acting in a socially as well as ecologically responsible manner, focusing on the comfort of subsequent users and thus ensuring that our properties retain their value over the long term.

In addition to the well-known building certifications, we think further into the future. Thus, resource-saving construction methods are just as important to us as the use of renewable energies, effective technologies and alternative mobility concepts.



With our subsidiary, WIP Renewable Energies, we have had in-house expertise in the field of renewable energies for over 40 years.

We are part of the ECORE - ESG Circle of Real Estate initiative and work with leading industry members to continuously improve ESG standards.

We are involved as a sponsor for the part-time CSRE course at the Technical University of Munich, in which students study the topic of sustainability in the real estate industry in an interdisciplinary manner.

ECORE Scoring - Bell Management Consultants TUM Cluster Sustainable Real Estate (CSRE)

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